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Visa & Currency


Valid Passport with Visa is required for all visitors. Tourist Visa is to be applied at Myanmar Missions abroad.

The Government of Myanmar refuses admission to holders of passports issued by the Government of Taiwan (Rep. of China) if not holding a special affidavit issued by a representative of Myanmar abroad.

Travel to/from Myanmar is only allowed by air or by sea.

Required except for:
National of Myanmar, provided holding a passport or a Seaman Book. Nationals of Myanmar holding certificate of identity issued by the Government of Myanmar are not allowed to re-enter unless holding written authorization by Myanmar consulate, signed by officer not below rank of Third Secretary.
Holders of a re-entry permit issued by Myanmar;
Passengers continuing their journey to a third country by same aircraft without leaving
the airport.

What You Need for the Visa Application

Your passport
A photocopy of your passport
2 passport sized photos of yourself
A copy of your flight itinerary
The address you are staying at in Yangon
Your work history for the past ten years

It is open from 9AM to 12PM, Monday-Friday.

Visas cost:
Same day visas cost: 1260Baht or 40USD
Next day visas cost 1000Baht or 32USD
Three day visas cost 810Baht or 26USD

At the Embassy

Show up early. The embassy accepts applications from 9-12. Give yourself plenty of time. The embassy can experience random closures. Have all your documents ready, and while one person stays in line, have another person run down the street to one of the conveniently placed copy shops. They have extra copies of the visa application forms, and you can fill them out while you wait in line. This will save you time once you’re allowed in the embassy.

Once you’re in the embassy, assuming you have your documents ready you will skip the line waiting to receive documents and skip straight to the line to drop them off. You will hand them your passport, and get the time and day you can return to pick them up.

Picking Up Your Visa

Once again, show up early to pick up your visa. There is no AC in the building and it will be hot midday. There will be plenty of Thai locals there who get paid to pick up visa for the pay sites. They will cut in front of you and request twenty or thirty visas each. This is normal, and it’s up to you whether or not you fight it, or you let it bother you. I was appalled to see the way normal society broke down in the embassy. Hot sweaty humans were pushing and shoving eachother to get their applications. Hopefully, it won’t be like this for you, but be ready. Maintain your ground, and you’ll get your visa, no problem.


Required for alien residents, to be obtained before departure from Myanmar.


Buisiness Visa Form

Tourist Visa Form

Visa on arrival

Travellers from all countries require a visa to enter Myanmar. A visa can be obtained at your local Myanmar Embassy or Consulate. A single entry visa will be given and you can stay for no more than 28 days. If you wish to save a trip to the embassy, you can apply online with the new ‘pre-approved visa on arrival’ services. Ministry of Hotels and Tourism has made a special arrangement with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to allow the approval letter to be applied online. No trip to Myanmar embassy is required. You can find out more information at http://www.evisaasia.com/.

For more visa information: http://www.myanmarvisa.com/mynembassylist.htm

How to get a Visa in Bangkok

You need a visa to enter Myanmar before you travel to the country. It's easy to get a Myanmar visa in Bangkok if you know where to go.
Myanmar is one of the few countries in the world where you can't get a visa on arrival in the country. You can’t check in at the airport if you don’t have a Myanmar visa in your passport.
Getting a Myanmar visa in Bangkok is straight forward. Get a taxi or Skytrain to Sathorn Nua Road in the centre of Bangkok. On the Skytrain you get off at the Surasak (Silom Line at S5) stop. Take Exit 3. Walk out through the elevated skywalk and then down the stairs onto Sathorn Nua Road. After exit turn right and walk along the same direction as the traffic on Surasak Road. You will pass 7-11 store and Bangkok Christian College. Walk along Sathorn Nua Road for about four hundred meter. The Embassy of Myanmar is just located just around the corner there, intersection of Sathorn Nua and Thanon Pan.
Myanmar Embassy in BangkokMyanmar Embassy in Bangkok  
Once inside, fill in one of the application forms and then submit it at the window along with the appropriate fee. It's around 1000 Baht ($30 US) for a one entry visa - You need to submit the visa application between 9.00am to 12.00 am and 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm (except holidays and week ends). You can collect it next day later or pay a little more and get express service to collect it the same day, but make sure you drop it early in the morning if you want to be sure of this.

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Business Visa Application
Letterhead from Myanmar
Two big Forms
One small Form
One Work History for Visa Applicant
Three color photo
One Passport copy

Tourist Visa Application

One big Form
One small Form
Three color photo

Download all forms in Pdf here!


The Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
132 Sathorn Nua Road, Bangkok 10500
Tel No : (662) 233-2237, 234-4698, 233-7250, 234-0320
Duty Room : (662) 637-9406
Fax : (662) 236-6898
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Immigration Forms

Departure/Arrival Card




10000 Kyats Myanmar Currency = 1 US$

5000 Kyats Myanmar Currency = 1 US$


1000 Kyats Myanmar Currency = 1 US$


Notes: Kyat 10000, Kyat 5000, Kyat 1000, 500, Kyat 200, Kyat 100, Kyat 50.

Visitors are not to bring in or take out Kyats.







Myanmar Custom Seal

As a visitor to Myanmar, you will be required to fulfill customs requirements which are important pertaining to entry and departure.


All arriving passengers will have to fill up the Passenger's Declaration Form ( PD Form ) CR(819)

Do you need to fill up P.D Form ?



Heavy penalties will be imposed on false misleading declaration.

You may bring in as much foreign currency as you want. However foreign currency exceeding USD 2000 or equivalent taking in by a foreigner/nonresident must be declared on Foreign Exchange Declaration Form (F E D Form)
(a) Foreigners, taking in foreign currencies exceeding USD 2000 need to declare.
(b) Natoinals / Residents, taking in any amount of foreign currency, need to declare.

Do not forget to keep the FED Form. You have to surrender it to customs on your departure.

Any consignment for exportation of gems stones, set or unset, jewellery, silverware, handicraft purchased in Myanmar shall only be allowed against the production of special cash memo or voucher issued by the



At Yangon International Airport, dual channel system has been provided for you.
Do you know which channel to choose?
(a) If you have more goods than the duty free AIR allowances or if you are doubtful proceed through RED CHANNEL

red channek

(b) If you have nothing excess to the duty free allowances proceed through GREEN CHANNEL



green channel


The followings are prohibited to import
• Counterfeit coins and currencies
• Pornographic articles
• Fabrics without stamped measurement
• Goods having counterfeit trade mark
• All kinds of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
• Playing cards
• Goods bearing the imprint or reproduction of the flag of the Union of Myanmar
• Goods bearing the emblem of Buddha and pagodas of Myanmar.


1. Portable amateur camera and its relevant accessories 1 Set

Golf set not more than (15) sticks

Tennis Rackets (or) Badminton Rackets

Fishing rod with roller wheel, string, artificial bait and other accessories

1 Set

2 Nos

1 Set

3. Bicycle 1 No
4. Reasonable numbers of drugs prescribed by a doctor for personal use except prohibited drugs along the trip  
5. Varities of liquor not more than 2 litres  
6. Perfume not more than 150 ml  

Cigarette not more than 400 rolls

Cigar not more than 50 rolls

Pipe tobacco not more than 250 gm


8. Jewelleries permitted by Central Bank of Myanmar for Myanmar Citizens to take out on leaving Myanmar  
9. Portable Audio player for passengers use 1 No
10. Portable Video Camera, HD Cam, DV Cam for memorable recording and spare part dry cell 1 Set
11. Portable computer and its accessories 1 No
12. Electrical and electronic goods for passengers not more than the value of USD 500  

Unrecorded CD disc (Large)

Unrecorded CD disc (Small )

Unrecorded Mini disc

Unrecorded video tape

Unrecorded cassette tape

Unrecorded tape for DV Cam, HD Cam

Portable Data Storage Thumb Drive

6 No.

12 Nos.

6 Nos.

6 Nos.

6 Nos.

6 Nos.

2 Nos.

14. Goods for personal use, valued under USD 500 shall be exempted from Customs duties and taxes if the Customs officer thinks fit.  

The following items brought in by the foreigners working for the Governmental organizations and foreign investment companies shall be exempted from customs duties and taxes for one year as temporary importation if the passenger produced a written undertaking, the goods will be taken out on their departure within one year.

(a) VCR (or) DVD player
(b) TV
(c) Portable Radio or Cassette (except Home Theatre)
(d) Laptop computer or Notebook
(e) Operational Tools and equipment

1 No. each

16. Personal belongings of demise abroad will also be granted allowance as a passenger.  


The followings are prohibited to export
• Counterfeit coins and currencies
• Pornographic articles
• Piece goods without stamped measurement
• All kinds of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances
• Antiques
• Wild life-and endangered species.


  Item Authority
1. Animal / birds Lives Stock Breeding and Veterinary Department
2. Arms, Ammunitions & Explosives Myanmar Police Force
3. Medicines / Drugs Myanmar Foods & Drugs Authority
4. Living Plants / Seeds Soil Myanma Agricultural Services
5. Telecommunication Equipment Posts & Telecommunication Department

Date: June 2007(still vaild in 2009)



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